Continuing Revolution: Integrity as a Radical Act – Pendle Hill Young Adult Friend conference (June 3-8, 2016)

The Continuing Revolution conference series is an annual social justice conference for young adult Quakers (18-35) every summer at Pendle Hill. The conference is a six day, intensive training-oriented program designed around one thematic issue that changes year to year. This year’s conference will be centered around the theme of integrity as a radical act. We are working with that in its most expansive capacity, with all sorts of workshops on wholeness, identity, accountability, interconnectedness, truth telling, letting our lives speak, moving from ideas to action and much much more.

Save the date: June 3-8, 2016!

A preliminary schedule is available here, and there is a poster to share with your networks and community.

Please encourage young adult Friends and seekers to apply! Though the conference is already significantly subsidized by Pendle Hill, there is some financial support available to make the conference as accessible as possible.


From Katrina McQuail, Conference Coordinator, and CYM Young Adult Friend.