Your help is needed to provide services that Spiritually Nurture our beloved community. Help Friends tend to each other in all aspects of our blessed community – worshiping, listening, learning, and caring.

Read the annual appeal 2023 from the General Secretary-Treasurer below and see how you can donate.

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Dear Friend,

2024 marks the 400th anniversary of the birth of George Fox, who helped to found the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Christ spoke to his condition to lead a life of faith that continues to inspire Quakers today.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, among other things, Friends like you continue to support and deepen our faith community so we can be a witness in the world. Friends and Monthly Meetings navigate working with fewer people and maintaining community in the changing digital online and in-person world.

This service of love can take a toll on our blessed community. In these times, we recognize that the need for spiritual nurture has never been greater. It renews our hope, faith and witness to the life of God or Spirit in everyone.

We are all spiritually nourished in different ways – worship, fellowship, service, children and youth in our midst, learning, bible study, gatherings, and, for some, wrestling with challenging issues.

Will you help CYM to provide services that Spiritually Nurture our beloved community?

Your donation today will make a big difference and will help to provide:

  • Learning opportunities through courses such as a joint CYM-Woodbrooke Centre course on Renewing Quaker Community
  • Events hosted by Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel and other CYM committees or bodies
  • Grants for learning, participation at the 2024 Gathering, and capital improvements for Meeting Houses.

As you probably know, the pandemic especially affected children, youth and young adults in society. It impacted key developmental stages in their lives crucial for forming bonds and relationships with community and Spirit or God. Your support will assist in aiding young adult Friends to gather, and children and Youth are the focus of the Gathering in 2024. Your gift will help nurture Young Friends in our midst, our future, to develop spiritual and community resiliency.

Ian and his brother attended the 2023 Gathering with assistance from CYM and their grandfather. Ian really enjoyed getting to reconnect with people, especially after the pandemic. He said: “I had many positive conversations with people about my future including my goals, education and career.”

Ian also spent time with the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting group at the Gathering and said: “They helped me think a lot about my place in Quakerism. I, at a point, used to feel apart, in a sense, from the majority of Quakers, being that I wasn’t a very spiritual person. I have come to recognize that regardless of where I land spiritually, I have strong moral values, which is a trait I find I have in common with the others among our shared faith.”

So, can I count on you today? Your donation will help to foster connections between Canadian Friends and other Quaker and ecumenical bodies. And you’ll also enable The Canadian Friend to test a new focus with deeper spiritual content and assist with developing educational print materials.

Let’s join together to support this work that will nurture, lift up joy, and help to connect Friends. I hope you will make a donation to CYM today. Your donations matter, and our work cannot happen without the generosity of people like you.

If you are already a monthly donor, thank you so much for your continued support. If you’re able, would you consider making a small increase (even $2 or $3 a month) to your monthly support? Or perhaps you might be able to make a special holiday donation today?

These offerings will help Friends tend to each other in all aspects of our blessed community – worshiping, listening, learning, and caring. May our inheritance from George Fox and early Friends continue to inspire us and future generations.

With love and in Friendship,

Tasmin Rajotte
General Secretary-Treasurer,
Canadian Yearly Meeting

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