“Making Room for Spirit” – Listen to the 2018 SPG Lecture

The Sunderland P. Gardner lecture is an annual highlight of Canadian Yearly Meeting. The 2018 lecture, “Making Room for Spirit,” was delivered by Arthur  Larrabee of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting.

Listen to the 2018 SPG Lecture: “Making Room for Spirit” by Arthur Larrabee (mp3)

The talk explored spiritual practices which we can use to make room for Spirit in our lives.

“God and Spirit are everywhere present,” Arthur explains,” but we get caught up in patterns of living that make it difficult to access Spirit and spiritual energy. For many of us, there is ‘no room in the inn’ for Spirit.”

“As a Quaker, three spiritual practices which I have found helpful in deepening my spiritual journey are the practice of dissolving attachments, the practice of ‘dying’ into fear, and the practice of embracing paradox. In my talk I share my experiences with these spiritual practices, how they have come into my life, and how I have used them to make room for Spirit.”