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December 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Last opportunity for giving in 2021
  • private winter retreats at camp
  • CYM is hiring
  • Western Half-Yearly Meeting
  • exploration on CYM-in-Session
  • conference on decolonizing for Indigenous Friends
  • online Quaker conversation circles by Education & Outreach committee
  • CYM2022 online
  • CYM Archivist hired
  • Canadian Friend delayed

November 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Quaker Leadings in Higher Education event “Resisting Incarceration for All”
  • CFSC’s Get to Know Thee, Friend series continues & recordings available
  • Quakers call for action regarding the discovery of graves at residential schools
  • CYM2022 going online; ideas for future Yearly Meeting gatherings
  • summary of a year & an opportunity for you to make a difference
  • “CRISPR-Cas9 and the Theo-Ethics of Gene Editing” event
  • apply to be the new Ottawa Monthly Meeting Resident Friend
  • Dec 4th CYM Representative Meeting; apply for Pendle Hill’s Spring Term

October 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • A welcome for new members within CYM
  • KAIROS For the Love of Creation Fall Symposium
  • Our interim CYM Secretary: Jocelyne Tranquilla
  • Pendle Hill’s 2022 Spring Term
  • Nov 20 & Dec 4th: CYM Representative Meeting
  • FGC Gathering: COVID preparedness & other updates
  • Opening for Resident Friend at Ottawa Monthly Meeting
  • CFSC’s Get to Know Thee, Friend series continues
  • Summary of the year & an opportunity for you to make a difference

September 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Donate to the CFSC Reconciliation Fund
  • Quaker parent mutual support groups
  • October 3rd is World Quaker Day
  • Western Half Yearly Meeting: October 8-10
  • Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Thanksgiving gathering
  • CFSC’s Get to Know Thee, Friend series continues
  • “Did you know?” from CYM Contributions Committee
  • No summer issue of The Canadian Friend

August 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • CFSC’s Are We Done Fighting? workshops
  • help update the Find a Meeting page
  • Cours en ligne: Introduction aux quakers
  • The Canadian Friend: September 7th submission deadline
  • share your local outreach plans
  • CFSC’s Get to Know Thee, Friend series continues
  • simpler Meetings; “Did you know?” from CYM Contributions Committee
  • “Sweet Home Monteverde” website correction
  • Maison Quaker fall programming

July 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Canadian Yearly Meeting 2021 is ONLINE from August 8-14
  • children’s program at CYM in session; CYM fringe website
  • Camp NeeKauNis availability; CYM Contributions Corner
  • “Sweet Home Monteverde” viewing
  • Cours en ligne – Introduction aux quakers
  • Maison Quaker fall programming

June 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Reporting and Clearness for Publications & Communications Committee
  • Camp NeeKauNis can reopen
  • read the spring Western Half-Yearly Meeting Epistle
  • Employment Opportunity – Canadian Quaker Archives
  • FGC Communications Manager
  • Canadian Yearly Meeting 2021 is ONLINE from August 8-14
  • CYM Contributions Corner
  • Canadian Council of Churches
  • Friends’ World Committee for Consultation Young Quaker Survey
  • 2020 Canadian Yearly Meeting Audited Financial Statements

May 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Register for “Hope as a Practice”
  • register now for CYM2021 and submit your SIGs
  • presentation on “In a Time of Transition: Seeds of Change, Roots of Strength”
  • with love from Rep Meeting: sharing Friendly resources
  • Canadian Friend Subscription Reminder
  • a word from Nominations Committee
  • CYM Contributions Corner
  • for YAFs – Continuing Revolution 2021 online
  • Friends’ Journal is seeking Quaker speculative fiction submissions
  • watch the ceremony for International Conscientious Objectors’ Day
  • Thomas Merton’s The Road Ahead

March 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • CYM2021 will gather virtually this August 8-14th
  • “Uh oh, was that a leading?” online course
  • Calgary Monthly Meeting book event
  • Change and Sustainable Transformation event
  • Food Coop Greatest Hits
  • addressing conflict amongst Friends resource
  • nominations season
  • FGC early registration opens
  • #NoWar2021 conference

February 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • Zoom Climate Session with TMM and Lyn Adamson
  • Ottawa Monthly Meeting Meeting for Healing
  • NeeKauNis Zoom social
  • Get to Know Thee, Friend – A 12 part series for Canadian Friends Service Committee’s 90th anniversary
  • recorded talk on “Why I am Still A Quaker, Even Though I’m an Athiest”
  • Food Coop Greatest Hits; What’s Up in April?

January 2021 CYM eNewsletter

  • nominations season
  • Get to Know Thee, Friend – A 12 part series for Canadian Friends Service Committee’s 90th anniversary
  • apply for the Quaker United Nations Office Virtual Summer School
  • Threshing sessions on laying down the CYM in Session Food Coop
  • Monthly online worship sharing with Quaker Earthcare Witness
  • evening program schedule for FGC Gathering now available
  • CYM Meetings for Worship for Business online Feb. 6

December 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • The new is live
  • building the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting community
  • top 5 QuakerSpeak Videos of 2020
  • Woodbrooke “Confident Quakerism” course
  • Quaker United Nations Office launches People’s Climate Empowerment series
  • year-end support to CYM
  • CYM Meetings for Worship for Business online Jan. 23 and Feb. 6

November 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • Support CYM, now and through the year
  • virtual gathering for Young Friends
  • Canadian Friends Service Committee Grants
  • Save the date – Meetings for Business online Jan. 23 and Feb. 6
  • CYM2021 will be online-only

October 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • New Pendle Hill pamphlet on Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice
  • Refugee sponsorship opportunity
  • Quaker outreach image
  • Western Half-Yearly Meeting epistle
  • Memorial Meeting for Anne Thomas
  • Call for proposals for Quaker Peacemaking book

September 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • Read the Canadian Friend
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation Northeast Regional Gathering
  • Read the CYM2020 epistle
  • Canadian Friends Service Committee weekly virtual Meeting for Worship
  • Search for next Resident Friends for Congenies, France

August 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • Watch what you missed at CYM2020
  • Does your Meeting have a plan for outreach this fall?
  • Feedback sought by Change & Sustainable Transformation Working Group
  • State of the Society report is now available
  • Recaps and reminders

CYM2020 registration is now open!

  • schedule
  • tech support
  • training sessions
  • evergreen CYM2020 link

July 2020 CYM eNewsletter

  • Yearly Meeting in Session is going online
  • CYFYM worship and mailing list
  • Canadian Friends Service Committee is hiring
  • Epistle from FGC Friends of Colour Pre-Gathering
  • CFSC Statement on Police Violence Against Indigenous People
  • other virtual events