Is your Committee scheduled to report at YM this year?

Click here to see if your Committee is scheduled to report this year at Yearly Meeting session in August.

Every year, we devote some time at CYM to look more closely at the work of a few committees or representatives. Our rota ensures that each CYM Standing Committee or representative has a Reporting and Clearness session every five years.

Opportunities for Reporting and Clearness are particularly important!   What have been your key achievements since your last reporting and clearness?  What are your challenges?  What is your committee vision for the next five years?  This is your opportunity to reflect on how your work fits into the CYM picture, to answer questions and to hear from Friends about your work. Please provide two or three questions for Friends to help us to prepare for and season this work.  After a brief précis on the floor, time will be provided for discernment, allowing Friends to respond and to reflect on our collaborative vision of this work over the next five years.