Tenting Coordination at Yearly Meeting

For those going to Yearly Meeting In Session this August, tenting can save a lot of money on the cost of attendance.

This year, we are trying to coordinate tenting supplies, using this google form.

This should help overcome some of the challenges with tenting. After all, it can be quite awkward to bring a tent, stakes, tarp, sleeping bag, and mat long distances. Due to lack of coordination, many folks end up lugging giant, nearly-empty tents across the country. Meanwhile, local folks have tenting supplies but they don’t know there is need.

Folks who are close to CYM or who are driving, please offer to bring tent supplies to help others in the same form. For those who live far from Winnipeg, fill in your tenting needs in this same form.

Even people who aren’t going to CYM can help! So any and all, please do fill out this form with tenting offers and needs.