Register for Canadian Yearly Meeting (August 2-10 in Winnipeg)

Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) is a gathering once a year for all Canadian Quakers — and you can now register for it! 

There is all sorts of information on the gathering available on the CYM 2019 webpage, but here are a few highlights.

The Business Meetings at the Gathering are the main decision-making body of Quakers in Canada. There’s also lots of time for fun and games, socializing, and sessions focusing on spiritual development, social justice, and Quaker history.

This year, Yearly Meeting will be held August 2-10 in Winnipeg at Canadian Mennonite University, a beloved host Canadian Quakers have been visiting for years.

To register, you need to fill out one of the following sets of forms:

The early due date for registration — which gets you the lowest cost — is June 30. The final registration due date is July 15.

Again, for more information – including info on financial assistance, the schedule, programming, the youth program, and a lot more — head on over to the CYM 2019 webpage.