CYM Radicalizing Spirit: The Challenge of Contemporary Quakerism – Links to audio

Below are the links to the audio from Jeff Dudiak’s Quaker Bible Study from Canadian Yearly Meeting annual gathering in 2012.

George Fox and other early Friends “opened up” the Christianity of their day in an ambiguous way. Was their revelation a renewal of something old or the introduction of something new, a deepening or a departing? The tensions among our current, diverse “branches” of Friends hang, to some large degree, on which interpretation we prefer. But is this a forced, and false, choice? These studies are an attempt to trace out a dynamic that runs through the Bible to earlier Friends and into our own times that, far from trying to resolve this tension, requires it as essential to the “radicalizing spirit” that is Quakerism at its best.

Here are the five lectures. Click to play, or right-click and save file as… to save to your computer.

MP3 files
Monday audio file

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Friday audio file