Stewardship of what happens to your financial resources after you die is an important but difficult topic. Including your faith and values with your financial decisions can help build a better world for future generations.

Below is some general information that can help discern what and how to ensure your legacy reflects all your concerns and responsibilities. Although some of this information is specific to Canadian law, we strongly urge you to consult an expert on wills who is familiar with your individual situation, most often a lawyer or accountant, when developing your will and directives.

Please find:

  • A downloadable and printable version of the “Leaving a Legacy” brochure developed in 2018 by the Canadian Yearly Meeting Contributions Committee. This is geared for those who want to consider leaving a financial gift to Canadian Yearly Meeting. It could be made available at Meetings with other Quaker material. It will be updated to ensure relevance.

  • Canadian Yearly Meeting Bequest Policy (PDF). Friends considering making a bequest to Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) may wish to seek the advice of the Clerk of the Trustees or the Treasurer of Canadian Yearly Meeting – as well as your lawyer or accountant – to ensure that that their wishes are clear and that their directions may be easily understood.

  • General information about bequests and other donation options for gift giving to Canadian Yearly Meeting after your passing.

Canadian Yearly Meeting bequests have helped CYM in the past and can in the future. The request for consideration of leaving a bequest is part of Canadian Yearly Meeting’s need for ongoing regular financial support. Please also consider regularly donating to CYM.

(This information has been developed by the 2018 Contributions Committee of Canadian Yearly Meeting. We are Friends who are following a leading to ensure that CYM is on solid financial footing now and in the future.)