KAIROS Event: September 22, 2012 near London, ON

 A note from the Social Justice Committee:


KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Social Justice Initiatives is a national partnership among several denominations and church organizations, including Anglican Church of Canada. In recent months, a group of people from Quaker, Lutheran, Christian Reformed, Presbyterian, United, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches has come together to form a South Western Ontario chapter of KAIROS as a way to join forces and share resources for Christian social justice work.


The South Western Ontario KAIROS chapter is hosting a day of learning and fellowship, “Voices of Courage”, on Saturday, September 22 at the Society of Friends Meeting House in Coldstream, near London – details are at http://www.diohuron.org/news/diocese/2012/June/voicesofcourage.pdf. Please post this in your Parish and pass it the link along to people you know who are engaged in social justice work.


The Rev’d Tom Patterson

Co-Coordinator of Social Justice Huron


 Here’s the link (Ctrl + Click):


YouCan Board Elections 2012

If you are a Canadian Citizen between the ages of 18 to 27, we are offering you an amazing opportunity to join one of Canada’s only youth national Board of Directors.

Deadline for nominations is by end of day on Friday September 7th, 2012.

If you are not 18 to 27, do not despair. We would like to ask you forward this email to someone you know who might be interested, and to visit our website at www.youcan.ca to find out how you can become involved with YOUCAN in many other exciting ways. We would also like to invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Edmonton Alberta, Friday, October 19th, 2012 at our YOUCAN Edmonton Offices (11124 – 130th Street), 5:30 pm – 7pm. Please call us at 1-888-4YOUCAN (496-8226) to RSVP or for further details.

Please check out our new and improved website – www.youcan.ca for photos and reports on current and past YOUCAN events and activities. Our recently launched website is the dynamic portal to your YOUCAN community and network of youth taking action in peacebuilding both in Canada and globally. We look forward to continuing to work with you to make our communities safer, stronger and more peaceful places to live.

If you have any questions about YOUCAN, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thanks and in peace,

Amy Mapara

Past Chair, YOUCAN Board of Directors Nomination of Directors for YOUCAN’s National Board


This is your amazing opportunity to be a member of YOUCAN’s National Board of Directors.

If you are a Canadian citizen between the ages of 18 to 27, we invite you to consider joining one of Canada’s uniquely for-youth, by-youth national boards.

Who? YOUCAN welcomes your application for one of our open positions on our national board. If you meet the following criteria and are interested in joining the board, please submit your application to the YOUCAN national office no later than end of day on Friday September 7th, 2012.

What? YOUCAN’s mission is to equip and inspire youth to peacefully resolve conflicts and to develop healthy relationships in their communities. YOUCAN is a youth organization whose governing body is a Board of Directors. The board is composed of YOUCAN members from across the country who are responsible for setting YOUCAN’s vision and providing effective governance for the organization. This year, we have up to 5 positions up for election. We value diversity and encourage participants from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply, including those from traditionally under-represented communities. As YOUCAN continues to grow, applicants with marketing/ social media experience, public relations, strategic planning, fundraising experience and French language ability would be most welcome.

Where? All applications should be sent: 1. via email to: ; or 2. via fax to (613) 235-5801; or 3. via mail to: YOUCAN Nominations Committee c/o Saint Paul University 223 Main Street Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1C4 Please note that mailed in submissions must be received at the office by the end of the day on Friday September 7th, 2012.

Why? YOUCAN prides itself on being an organization that is run for-youth-by-youth. As such, we try to recruit as many diverse youth to our board as possible. The greater the representation and experience we have on our board, the better and more informed the board’s decisions will be.

How? Each year we hold an election prior to our Annual General Meeting (AGM), provided we have vacant positions on our board, where our entire membership is invited to vote. Board members are elected to YOUCAN’s board for two-year terms.

Still interested? In order to qualify for a board position, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen between the ages 18-27
  • Demonstrate dedication and commitment to promoting youth-led initiatives in non-violent conflict resolution and peacebuilding; • Have a strong interest in board and governance issues;
  • Be available to contribute 20 hours per month for committee meetings and work that is required between board meetings;
  • commit to attend two in-person meetings per year (held on weekends to accommodate students and work schedules), and one monthly conference call Please note that expenses directly related to the conduct of board business are paid for entirely by YOUCAN (flight, hotel, meals, etc.) according to our expenses policy.

Nomination Application: All applications should be submitted to by end of day of Friday September 7th, 2012. Please note: your answers will be distributed to our membership to help them in the voting process.

We ask that you send your resume (CV) as well as a typed response to the following questions:

  1. Your name, address, phone #, email and other contact info.
  2. In 10 lines or less please help us get to know you, your interests, your hobbies and hopes for the future.
  3. In 10 lines or less, please discuss your interest in board governance and strategic planning work rather than pursuing other volunteer opportunities with YOUCAN.
  4. In 10 lines or less please explain how you hope to make a difference in Canada through becoming involved in our organization as an official director on our national board.

What Next? Now that you’ve submitted your application, what happens next? The Nominations & Awards Committee will review all applications that are submitted. All nominees will be contacted prior to the AGM. For more information on what our board does please visit our web-site at www.youcan.ca or call YOUCAN at 1-888-496-8226.

Pendle Hill Resident Program 2012-2013

Dear Friends,

 I am excited to write and share offerings at Pendle Hill for the 2012-2013 Resident Program year.  Pendle Hill, known for its beauty and spiritual grounding, offers people a deep experience that is hard to find elsewhere.  It answers a deep longing for something more.  Pendle Hill is blooming across campus with beautiful flowers in season sprouting everywhere, as we welcome all faiths, of all Quaker persuasions, and from all parts of the world.  We offer a wonderful place to learn and reflect and gather, and we want to share this with Friends who are seeking this kind of spiritual experience.  I write to you today to ask how we might reach out to individuals or groups in your yearly meeting that might benefit from Pendle Hill.

 Many of you may know that, we offer a Resident Program that allows time for study, seeking experience in community living, deepening prayer and spiritual life, or being a point of transition in life and needing to discern a future direction.  We invite all to come and deepen the spiritual basis of life and work—to discover new sources of inward guidance, peace and power.  Our unique program supplies the container for transformational work and learning that prepares people for the work they aspire to do in the world.  The Resident Program, which consists of three ten week terms each year, draws together about 40-50 participants each year.   The typical age-range is 19-80.  People from diverse cultures, professions and walks of life produce a “sweet community” which is at the heart of Pendle Hill education experience. 

 We are looking for individuals  who might benefit from a stay at Pendle Hill and hope you will help us to identify wonderful candidates.  We have space in our fall, winter and spring term Resident Program, and offering scholarship as well.    In particular, we have not awarded the Henry J. Cadbury Scholarship or the Kenneth Carroll Scholarship, and would welcome Friends who might  be interested to apply.  I have attached  both applications which includes helpful information about the scholarships.  It would be appreciated if you would consider sharing this email about our programs with your Yearly and/or  Monthly Meeting.  I am happy to speak with Friends, and invite you to share my contact information—  , 610-566-4507 x161.

 It is a pleasure to reach out to all of you, and I look forward to your reply.

 In peace and friendship,


Darlene R. Walker

Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Pendle Hill

338 Plush Mill Road

Wallingford, PA  19086

610-566-4507 x161

610-566-3679 (Fax)


Open Request for Proposals for “Development of an Upgraded External and Internal Website”

TO: Clerks of Monthly Meetings and Contact Persons for Worship Groups within Canada

FROM: Carol Bradley, Clerk, Publications and Communications Committee
Many of you will know that Canadian Yearly Meeting is in the process of renewing its Web presence. 
An Open Request for Proposals for “Development of an Upgraded External and Internal Website”  has been prepared and will be issued on July 9, 2012.
We want to ensure that all Quakers who are qualified and interested in responding to this proposal are aware of it, all across Canada.
Many Quakers do not use the existing website regularly, so although it will be posted there on July 9, we are asking you to advise any persons in your Meeting or Worship Group who may be interested to look for it.
Alternatively, please send the name and email address of any persons you are aware of who may be interested in receiving the Proposal Document to:  , copied to Please put in the Subject line: NAME FOR QUAKER RFP
Thank you for your help.
In Friendship,
Carol Bradley, Clerk, P&C.

Inspirit Foundation calls for applications for projects that empower young Canadians of different beliefs

The new foundation will provide $250,000 in grants to projects that foster inclusion and community building

Toronto, June 19, 2012 – Today, the Inspirit Foundation, a new grant-making organization that works to foster a more inclusive and pluralistic Canada, launched its Bridge Building Grants with the first call for applications for funding. The pilot granting program will support projects that help young Canadians – aged 18 to 30 and from different religious, spiritual, and secular beliefs – to work together to address the needs in their communities.

“At the Inspirit Foundation, we believe in pluralism, an approach to diversity that goes beyond tolerance,” said Andrea Nemtin, President and CEO, Inspirit Foundation. “The initiatives we will fund through the Bridge Building Grants will foster meaningful exchange between young Canadians of different beliefs that will remove misperceptions and lead to the discovery of common threads that unite us all.”

The Inspirit Bridge Building Grants will provide $250,000 in funding, with grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. The deadline for applications is August 3, 2012.

The granting program welcomes applications from registered charitable organizations from across Canada that are collaborating or will collaborate with other organizations or community groups on a project that will effect positive change for young adults from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Organizations interested in applying for grants are encouraged to review the guidelines and application form at www.inspiritfoundation.ca.

Priority will be placed on initiatives that foster learning, collaboration and community building. Examples of eligible initiatives include: arts, culture and media projects; community and civic service efforts; local environmental initiatives; and knowledge and skills development programs.


About the Inspirit Foundation

The Inspirit Foundation is a national grant-making organization that supports Canadians, particularly young adults, in building a more inclusive and pluralistic Canada. One way the foundation does this is by funding initiatives that foster engagement and exchange between young Canadians of different religious, spiritual, and secular beliefs.

For more information, visit www.inspiritfoundation.ca.

You can also follow us on Twitter @InspiritFdn.

### Applicant contact: Gwen Joy – – 416-644-3600, ext. 4

Media contact: Luciana Tuzino – – 416-644-3600, ext. 5 Mobile: 647-802-1296