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Hiring a Communications Coordinator

We are looking to hire a Communications Coordinator.

This new part-time position (0.6 FTE) coordinates communications for the Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and is accountable to CYM’s General Secretary-Treasurer.

Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) of the Religious Society of Friends is the formal name of the main organization of Quakers in Canada. Quakers are a faith group. CYM is made up of different meetings, groups, and committees. Quakers within the worship community do most of our work with CYM’s paid staff support.

Job Description

Broadly speaking, the work includes:

  • managing website content for Quaker.ca
  • developing communications strategy and priorities, formalizing communications processes, and generating creative content ideas
  • collaborating with a broad array of volunteers, CYM staff, contractors, and service providers

Experience we are seeking

The ideal candidate will have:

  • two or more years of experience in a similar or related position; non-profit experience is an asset.
  • a relevant degree or diploma (formal communications education or training is an asset)
  • strong digital skills and ability to produce, edit, and/or manage communications content using various communications software
  • proven skills in working both independently and as part of a team and in editing others’ work in a collaborative, supportive manner
  • strong organizational abilities and time management skills and have no problem with tight deadlines, multi-tasking, and prioritizing workload
  • a willingness to pitch in where needed to get the job done

Other important details

To view or print a more detailed job description, open the Job Description – CYM Communications Coordinator (PDF).

Location: Ottawa preferred, but we are willing to explore remote work with occasional travel for the right candidate.

Hours: 24 hours per week. While some availability during regular Eastern Time work hours will be necessary to collaborate with colleagues and some weekend and/or evening work may be required to collaborate with volunteers, work hours for this role are flexible.

Compensation: $55,000 annually, pro-rated to 0.6 FTE or 24 hours per week ($33,000 annually). CYM offers health benefits and RRSP contributions.

How to Apply & Deadline

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to  before 9 am December 16, 2022. While we thank those who apply for their interest, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Read Epistle Summarizing Yearly Meeting 2022

The epistle from Yearly Meeting 2022 is available as a PDF, or can be read simply by scrolling down. The epistle summarizes the collective experience of our annual gathering – the latest and perhaps last one conducted entirely online.

Yearly Meeting Epistle 2022 (PDF)

To Friends Everywhere,

Loving greetings from the 189th annual gathering of Quakers in Canada, our 67th as a united Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. We met entirely online on 7–13 August 2022. This is our third year of gathering virtually. As is our practice, Yearly Meeting was preceded by a retreat, led this year by Marcelle Martin of Swarthmore Friends Meeting and entitled “Supporting One Another in Faithfulness.” Marcelle guided the Friends who attended in practices meant to deepen our awareness of the movements of the Spirit in our lives, and show us how we can better share these insights with others.

JoLee Sasakamoose gave the annual Sunderland P. Gardner lecture: “Guided by Ancestors: Integrating Ojibwe Teachings with Quaker Testimony for Social Action.” Through both joyful and painful personal stories JoLee explained the two different kinds of knowing – Quaker and Indigenous – that interweave in her life and complement one another. As Canadian Yearly Meeting continues to work toward better relationships with the Indigenous Peoples whose home we now share, experiences such as this lecture deepen our understanding and enhance our ability to communicate.

Worship grounded our experiences throughout the week. We began each day with Meetings for Worship under the care of Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel.  Worship was a consistent part of all our gatherings, offering periods of presence and connected fellowship. Meetings for Healing were an oasis of prayer and deeply centred experience. Our daily Worship Sharing groups enabled us to know one another better. Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel also organized an evening presentation – “The Role of Eldership in the Care of the Community” – ably led by Lu Harper and Anne Pomeroy of New York Yearly Meeting.

Meetings across Canada are engaging with profound layers of change and transformation within our Society of Friends and in the larger society. We name in particular a significant challenge: How can an older generation of F/friends make the much-needed internal changes to our Society that will enable us to embrace the emergent needs of younger generations of F/friends and families with small children? In “Ask a Young Friend,” a panel discussion led by four Young F/friends provided much food for thought around these questions and other key issues. How can Meetings be welcoming spaces for queer seekers? Why do we sometimes fail to make our Meetings inviting for families with young children, as they struggle with child care, fatigue, and a desire for appropriate curriculum; their attendance may be irregular or they may be the only family in a Quaker community.

In “Understanding Meeting for Worship for Business” Jeff Dudiak of Edmonton Monthly Meeting explored ways in which the founding meaning behind some time-honoured Quaker practices and processes are being eroded or ignored. We were asked whether this is necessary and useful, or distressing and damaging, as we attempt to offer our faith and practice to new participants. We hope that we can welcome new F/friends into our Society, while also keeping in mind the traditional testimonies and practices that have served us well for centuries. They may or may not need changing.

The State of Society Report prepared by Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel named ways in which Monthly Meetings are meeting these challenges and facing the difficulties in conducting much of our community lives online. Across the country Friends are working to stay committed, united, and guided by Spirit. May we be open to exploring new ways to build Quaker communities. One morning worship blossomed with the theme of friendship (with and without a capital F) offered to each other and to those outside our own community. At our annual large Worship-Sharing event – “Experience of the Spirit in My Life” – several Friends explored how painful times could offer unexpected blessings of Spirit that can be shared with others. We also held a Memorial Meeting for Worship to remember Friends across our Yearly Meeting who are no longer with us. We note that in this past year there were more deaths than births.

The past three years have brought deep change to our Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, as we conduct more business in online sessions throughout the year. The sessions devoted to business during our gathering included necessary approvals and were marked by important decisions, including a new Minute of Record on Marriage. Canadian F/friends continue to be sustained and uplifted through Bible Study. This year Colin Saxton (of North Valley Friends Meeting in Oregon) shared examples of mercy found in the Bible, reminding us of the potential of mercy in repairing and mending God’s good world and our own lives. The focus on mercy may lead those who heard this message to move forward in faith in new ways.

Our Special Interest Groups covered a range of topics from conflict in Ukraine and Palestine to anti-racism and children’s rights, and from wisdom found in indigenous plants to acknowledgements of Indigenous lands, indicating indicate the passion and commitment of F/friends as we discern how to act in the world. The evening presented by the Canadian Friends Service Committee highlighted actions that Canadian Quakers are already taking.

We honour the Program Committee, who worked hard to provide a wide range of sessions, and the volunteer technical assistants who helped us to use the online tools successfully. We had a total of 105 sessions and a total of 183 people in attendance. Online programming is difficult for children. A program for them was planned but not enough children were registered. We look forward to a time when our children to meet with one another in person. We hope to move to a hybrid (online and in-person) format in 2023.

For some F/friends the restrictions of online connections represent a significant challenge. Others note that online formats offer greater accessibility for distant or disabled F/friends and allow us to respond to environmental concerns and meet the very real budgetary challenges of our organization. During Family Night, after a long week spent in front of a computer, a small group of Friends enjoyed performances of music and poetry plus the collection of “Gleanings” gathered by Friends during our time together.

Our gathering affirmed for us that Faithfulness is not always about getting things perfect or right. It is rather a commitment to walk together in the Light, so that we gain strength to do what is needed in our world. As we gather together however we can, may you be blessed wherever you are.


Welcoming our new Office Coordinator

Join us in welcoming Eva Lacelle, the new Office Coordinator for Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM). She will be assisting CYM with the various office transitions we are undergoing.

Eva brings many years of experience working in finance and office administration. She spent more than 30 years as an Office Administrator in the Physics Department at Carleton University. She worked closely with graduate students, managed research grants and oversaw the departmental operating budget. Eva has had the privilege to work as part of the team tasked with the expansion of the Nobel Prize-winning Sudbury Neutrino Observatory into a world-class, underground research facility now known as SNOLAB.

In her spare time, Eva enjoys cycling, kayaking and all things “crafty.”


Come to Canadian Yearly Meeting 2022

Canadian Yearly Meeting 2022 will be happening online from August 7-13 and registration is now open! There is no closing date for adult registration, but early registration will help with planning. If you would like to participate in the Children & Youth Program or Worship Sharing in small groups, please register before Sunday July 24th.

What is Yearly Meeting?

Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) is a gathering once a year for all Canadian Quakers. Its Business Meetings are the main decision-making body of Quakers in Canada.

Who can attend?

The gathering might be for Canadian Quakers, but Quaker visitors from outside Canada are also welcome – as are those new to the Quaker ways, or those who are just curious. There will be extra info, support, and even a buddy system available for newcomers who would like such things. (Quiet lurkers are also welcome to dip a toe in!)

What happens at Yearly Meeting?

Besides business and committee meetings, there’s also lots of time for fun and games, socializing, and sessions focusing on spiritual development, social justice, and Quaker history.

Key events and speakers are highlighted on the CYM 2022 homepage, with more info to come. Those who register get immediate access to the current detailed schedule.

What does it cost to attend?

There are considerable costs to run Yearly Meeting in Session, even as an online event. We are requesting a donation/registration fee of $50 per person, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. See the Payment for CYM 2022 page for details and payment methods.

More info

More and new information – from details of fun events and or business documents – will be posted to the  CYM 2022 site from now ’til the end of the gathering.

Reopening of Canadian Quaker Library & Archives!

 We are delighted to announce the Canadian Quaker Library & Archives is re-opening. Archives Committee invite you to celebrate this reopening online with us on Monday, May 2, starting at 8 pm Atlantic, 7 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain and 4 pm Pacific.

Canadian Yearly Meeting’s new Archivist, Michelle Tolley, will join us live from the archives on May 2. In-person access to our collection will also soon be possible by appointment with Michelle. We ask that you be double vaccinated, wear a mask and complete pre-appointment covid19 screening.

To get the Zoom link and for information on how to resume depositing documents at the archives, please visit the Archives Reopening post on the business side of our website. (You will need to sign-in or sign-up as a user to view this; alternately please email for the Zoom link.)