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Financial Support for Families and Young Adults to Attend CYM 2018!

Financial Support for Families and Young Adults to Attend CYM 2018!

Substantial financial assistance is available to support attendance at Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) in Session (August 3-11) in Barrie, Ontario.

  • For families with children (ages 18 and under) and for young adult Friends (ages 19-35), up to $850 is available per person.
  • For adult Friends needing support, up to $450 is available per person.

To Apply for a Financial Assistance Grant:

  1. Approach your Monthly Meeting/Worship Group for financial support with attending CYM.
  2. If the Monthly Meeting/Worship Group cannot provide enough supplementary funds, then apply for a grant from CYM.
  3. Request a minute of support from your Meeting and include this in your application.
    Young Adult Friends are encouraged to contact Cameron Fraser, CYM Secretary, if obtaining a minute of support poses a challenge.

Application form for a CYM financial assistance grant.

CYM’s Processing of Applications:

  • Applications will be responded to on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The CYM Treasurer or YM Secretary, in consultation with the CYM Accountant, will make decisions as applications are received.
  • Travel distance will be a consideration in the provision of funds for travel to CYM.
  • Applications will be considered up to July 22, 2018, if there is money left.


Email: Contact the CYM Secretary or Education and Outreach Committee.

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