Terms of Use

Patrons of the CYM Archives are subject to the following terms of use, which are established by Archives Committee. The Archivist is responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules.

An appointment is required to access archival and library materials. Patrons must sign a Register of Guests maintained by Archives Committee. The Dorland Room acts as a reading room for visitors who will be supervised at all times. Access to the Archives is restricted; material will be retrieved at the request of a patron and brought to the Dorland Room for review.

Archival materials, defined as all documents or other substances, regardless of form, and all books in the library are non-circulating. Archives Committee reserves the right to limit the use of any item and, in particular, to limit the use of fragile or valuable materials. All materials must be handled with care. Please do not mark materials or erase existing notations.

Special care must be taken when working with archival materials:

  • All notes are to be taken using pencils. Pens or markers may not be used.
  • Use of paper clips, tape, “Post-It” notes, or rubber bands is also prohibited.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Dorland Room.
  • Documents must be refolded along original fold lines.
  • Paper used by patrons for taking notes must not be placed over top of archival materials.
  • The Archivist may limit the number of boxes retrieved from the archives.
  • The existing order and arrangement of file folders in a box, and of papers in each file folder, must be maintained.
  • Cotton gloves will be provided for handling photographic material and other textual documents as necessary.

Researchers are encouraged to visit the Library and Archives in person and take notes from material viewed. Photocopying may be available. Archives staff will do all copying at an established rate. If being mailed, shipping and handling fees will be charged in addition to the costs of photocopying. We will not photocopy entire collections or fonds.

Photocopies taken from the Library and Archives are to be used only for personal or research purposes unless permission for publication or other commercial use is applied for and granted. Researchers and other patrons are responsible for satisfying copyright legislation when copying or using materials found in the collection. All materials are reproduced in accordance with the Copyright Act. As such, all works, whether published or not, are protected under copyright law for the life of the author or creator plus fifty (50) years.

Please note: the Trustees of the Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends assert copyright over all archival material originating from the Society in Canada and all original or primary material donated to the Archives, unless the donor or the donors estate retains copyright or copyright on the material has lapsed pursuant to law. Material may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of the Archivist.

The proper citation for the CYM Archives must be given when using copied materials. Materials provided by the Library and Archives must not be re-copied nor deposited in any other archive.