This is instructions on how to replace the Dorland Library index on by deleting the old one and installing a new one. If you are not comfortable with computers or WordPress it might be best to leave this to Glen.

1. Export from inMagic

Export CSV from inMagic and save on your local computer.

2. Create a proper CSV

inMagic creates CSV that have a single record on multiple lines, this needs to be converted to a more stand CSV that has one record/line.

(a) If you haven’t done so already, download the DMP to CSV program here. Save this somewhere to your computer for future reference. UnZIP it. Got into the folder that makes the most sense for you (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux) and move the open the program.

(b) Click ‘Open’ button’ and select the inMagic CSV. You will notice

(c) Select ‘Process’ button. This will probably take a few minutes depending on how fastyour computer is.

(d) Select ‘Save’ button and name and save the file to your desktop.

3. Log into the site.

If you need administrative privileges on this site email Glen.

4. Delete the old library index on

(a) Hi-lite Libraries in the dock.

(b) In the upper right corner, select Screen Options, change number of items per page to 250.


(c) Select box to left of Date. Select ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown and and select ‘Move to Trash’. This may take a minutes.

You will need to repeat this 30 or so times until no no records are left. You can see how many are left by looking at number to the right of published.

Occasionally it will say the URL is too big and give you an error. You will need to go up to Screen Options again, change the number to 50, then do a few deletes, then reset the number back up to 250 for expeidience.

5. Import the file

You now need to import the CSV you created earlier to the website.

(a) Select All Import on left.

(b) Select “Upload a file”, find and select the CSV you created earlier and upload.

(c) Select Exisiting items then continue  to Step to 2  and continue to Step three.

(d) At bottom of page select “Load Template” and select “Library Impot June 28” (I know, a typo!). Select “Continue to Step 4”

(e) Select Continue, then select “Confirm and Run Import”. This could take 10 minutes.