CYM2020 has begun! Join us!

CYM2020 (our yearly gathering, now happening online) has started! It is not too late to join us – events are running until Thursday, August 13. Please feel welcome to join us if you’re new to Quakers or to our yearly gathering too!

Our first day included an intergenerational welcome session, followed by a series of small group discussions to share our experience of the Spirit so far during this global pandemic, both challenges and unexpected gifts.

Check the schedule for other events during the week.

Pamphlet from Quaker Learning Series now available

“African Refugee Journeys: Listen, Love, Learn, and Act” by Etienne Paul Mungombe, the Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture at Canadian Yearly Meeting 2019, is now available as a PDF:

Pamphlet of “African Refugee Journey” (PDF, 2019 SPG Lecture)

Etienne Paul is a Quaker pastor with the evangelical Montreal Friends Church, which he helped found with other African refugees.
 His lecture lecture is grounded in history, as well as his personal story as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, living in two refugee camps in Kenya, and eventually coming to Canada.

A print version of this PDF will be mailed to subscribers to The Canadian Friend in early August, along with the latest issue.


List of Quaker meetings happening during the pandemic

Canadian Quakers have been holding online services almost since the beginning of lockdown measures, but there is now a single list that compiles all these meetings and gives info on how to join them:

Most of these meetings are still happening online, but there’s also the occasional one happening in-person and with special measures, as is locally appropriate.

Anyone interested in exploring the Quaker way for the first time (or old Friends) are welcome to join these meetings. It can even offer a way to virtually visit far-away Friends and their meetings.

We hope you are staying safe and connected out there – and hope this list might help a little with that.

Schedule & Registration for online Yearly Meeting

A draft schedule for CYM 2020 is now available. These sessions will run August 8-13, 2020 and mostly focus on spiritual development, opportunities to socialize and connect, and social and environmental justice. Everyone is welcome, including those new to Quakers or simply curious.

You can also now register for the online Yearly Meeting by filling out this form:
Registration for CYM 2020 (google form)

NOTE: If you want to be assigned to a worship sharing group, we need your registration before August 3!

To pull this experiment off, we will need help! Volunteer options are in the registration form. 


Yearly Meeting in Session is going online!

The 2020 Yearly Meeting has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic as an in-person event, but an online version is currently being organized.

The sessions will run August 8-13. The schedule, further info, and everything needed to participate in the sessions will be posted to the ‘Yearly Meeting in Session‘ page as soon as they are ready.

Please bear with us as we navigate this adventure and try all kinds of new things in a short amount of time! There will be orientations in advance for those who need to be learn to use platforms like Zoom.

These sessions will mostly focus on spiritual development, opportunities to socialize and connect, and social and environmental justice. There will no business sessions; the business that normally would have been Yearly Meeting 2020 is being addressed in series of Representative Meetings running this spring and summer, meetings which can be conducted online more easily. (Quakers who have an account on our business site can sign in to read Representative Meeting minutes and documents, then pass the fruit of their discernment onto their representatives. Those without accounts can request one here.)