CYM Offices Closing for Holidays

Canadian Yearly Meeting offices in Ottawa and Victoria will close on the evening of Friday December 18, 2020 and will reopen the morning of Monday January 4, 2021.

CYM staff will be taking their respective holidays, and are not expected to respond to any regular correspondence (i.e. email, phone or mail) during this time. 

If this an urgent CYM concern, especially a CYM personnel matter, please text or call Cameron Fraser, CYM Secretary, at 250-516-3625.

Should you wish to donate toward the 2020 tax year, please ensure that donations are received in the CYM Office (or postmarked if sent by Canada Post) no later than December 31, 2020.  Endofyear electronic donations must be received by noon/12:00 pm Eastern time on December 31, 2020 to be processed and considered a 2020 donation.

Holding you in light this holiday season,
CYM Office Staff – Lorraine Burke, Cameron Fraser and Kerry MacAdam

Appeal for Donations

Epistle of Western Half-Yearly Meeting

Here is a message from the Friends who attended Western Half-Yearly Meeting, the second gathering this year for Quakers in Western Canada that has been conducted online.

To Friends Everywhere:

Greetings from Canadian Western Half-Yearly Meeting.

Friends met online for the Fall Western Half-Yearly session in the midst of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada. By now more people have become familiar with how to navigate Zoom videoconferencing, and Friends enjoyed being together once again. While it goes without saying that we would much rather be together in person, for the time being, this is the best option. The upside is that Friends that can’t usually join us in person were able to. One Western Friend even joined us from the United Kingdom.

Friday evening, we participated in an intergenerational event. We played an online variation of ‘The Big Wind Blows‘ and joined an online drawing activity. On Saturday and Sunday, Friends were spiritually nourished in Worship Sharing Groups to begin each day.

Friends participated in Special Interest Groups on the following topics:

  • Drawing Together: Meeting for Worship with Attention to Making
  • Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Change and Sustainable Transformation Working Group
  • On Care for End of Life
  • Care for Youth in an Online World
  • Genealogy and Quaker Ancestors

Saturday evening, a Friend now living in St. Paul, Minnesota gave a powerful presentation while he shared his experience of the protests just after the death of George Floyd.

There was much discussion during Meeting for Worship with attention to Business about how we might meet at both Spring and Fall WHYM. Friends wondered if it would be possible to have a mix of in-person and online attendance. We also asked Nominating Committee to seek volunteers for a committee to aid us with technology.

There were some 45 Friends at Meeting for Worship on Sunday, including two young babies. The unusually silent online environment led a few of us to ‘unmute’ ourselves so Friends could hear fidgeting, coughing and baby sounds. We were reminded of the important role embodiment plays in our well-being; we miss the presence of each other at a deep level.

We shared our talent and love of being together at Family Night.

May you be as blessed as we are to gather among Friends.

Come to online Western Half-Yearly Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fall Western Half-Yearly Meeting will be held online on the Thanksgiving long-weekend (from Friday, October 9th to Sunday, October 11th).

Western Half-Yearly Meeting (WHYM) is a much-loved, twice-yearly gathering for Quakers in Western Canada. This online version will run instead of our in person gathering, which would otherwise have been held at Camp Valaqua near Calgary.

We encourage Friends to join us.

  • To see the updated schedule and find the Zoom link, which will be posted before October 9,  please visit

No registration is required, with the important exception of those Friends who wish to participate in Worship Sharing. Friends who wish to be part of a worship sharing group must email Elizabeth Curry with their name and Monthly Meeting by October 5th at

Rick Juliusson, a member of Cowichan Valley Monthly Meeting currently living in Minnesota, has agreed to deliver a Saturday evening presentation titled “Say His Name: How are we using our voice and privilege in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and BLM?”

For more regular updates, please join the WHYM facebook group at If you have any questions please feel free to contact Andrew Gage, Clerk of WHYM, at

New Issue of Canadian Friend, Submissions for Next

The summer issue of The Canadian Friend, our national journal, is now out. Those who are subscribers to the magazine should have already received a copy, but is also available electronically:

The Canadian Friend – Summer 2020 – Computer-friendly PDF (Colour, full spreads)
The Canadian Friend – Summer 2020 – Printer-friendly PDF (B&W, single pages)
The Canadian Friend – Summer 2020 – Phone-friendly PDF (Colour, single pages)

Right-click or control-click on the PDFs to download them. The friendliness of these PDFs is relative and may vary based on your device and usage habits.

This issue includes articles on Quaker progressive Elias Hicks, viruses and other nonhuman neighbours, new beginnings, and news from around the Canadian Quaker family, and a lot more. You can see the full Table of Contents here.

Print subscribers also received a copy of the latest pamphlet from the Quaker Learning Series – “African Refugee Journeys: Listen, Love, Learn, and Act” by Etienne Paul Mungombe – and this is also available as a PDF:
Pamphlet of “African Refugee Journey” (PDF, 2019 SPG Lecture)

Next Issue

The next issue should come out in early December. To connect with Friends in writing, please submit pieces by the due date of October 15. (Extensions are usually possible by asking the editor nicely). 

Please submit articles between 500-1200 words long. (Unusual topics or word-lengths are possible, but also best discussed with the editor before submitting.) Articles on any topic of potential interest to Canadian Friends are welcome. Photos, artwork, humour, and interesting quotations are also warmly welcomed as submissions.

Looking ahead, the due date for the winter issue is January 31.

Send submissions to The Canadian Friend‘s editor, Timothy Kitz, at or c/o CYM Office, 91A Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 2L1.

For inspiration, or to take a trip down memory lane, The Canadian Friend back issues are available online.  If your library is missing one, you can even download back issues and print them.


All members and regular attenders of the Monthly Meetings of CYM are entitled to receive a copy of The Canadian Friend. Donations to defray costs of producing the magazine are gratefully welcomed.

The annual individual subscription rate for Canada is $20, $30 for US addresses, and $40 for all other countries.

To be added to the subscription list of The Canadian Friend, contact the CYM Office.


The Canadian Friend also accepts advertising! For rates and details, contact the editor (, again). Please note that the committees and bodies of Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) do not pay for black and white ads.