Stories & Reflections from Yearly Meeting in Winnipeg

To get a feel for for how Yearly Meeting in Winnipeg went, please visit our blog page of Stories & Reflections from Yearly Meeting 2019, which covers all sorts of interesting facets of the gathering.

What is Yearly Meeting? It is a gathering for Canadian Quakers, which was  held this year in Winnipeg from August 2-10. The Business Meetings at the gathering are the main decision-making body of Quakers in Canada. There was also lots of time for fun and games, socializing, music, and sessions focusing on spiritual development, social justice, and Quaker history.

That blogroll from Yearly Meeting has a reflection from each day of the gathering, but still only captures a small portion of each day’s scheduled events. With so much going on, even those who attended might learn new things about what Friends were up to at the Gathering by reading it.

New issue of The Canadian Friend and Submissions for the Next

The summer issue of The Canadian Friend, our national journal, is now out. Those who are subscribers to the magazine should have received a copy in the mail by now.

It is also available electronically:
The Canadian Friend – Summer 2019 (Print-friendly PDF)
The Canadian Friend – Summer 2019 (Screen-friendly PDF)
The Canadian Friend – Summer 2019 (Online Version)

This issue includes articles on Quaker theologian Robert Barclay, Quaker involvement in the development of capitalism, rethinking our use of money, eldership, news from around the Canadian Quaker family, and a lot more. You can see the full Table of Contents here.

Next Issue

The due date for the next issue is coming up! It is September 30, though extensions can occasionally be obtained by asking the editor nicely.  Subscribers will receive their copies in the mail by mid-December.

Please submit articles between 500-1200 words long. Submissions on any topic of potential interest to Canadian Friends are welcome. (Unusual topics or word-lengths are possible, but best discussed with the editor before submitting). This issue will look in particular at Yearly Meeting in Session, though articles on other topics are also welcome.

Photos, artwork, and interesting quotations are also warmly welcomed as submissions.

The due date for the following issue is in the New Year – January 20, 2020.

Send submissions to The Canadian Friend‘s editor, Timothy Kitz, at or c/o CYM Office, 91A Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 2L1.

For inspiration, or to take a trip down memory lane, The Canadian Friend back issues are available online.  If your library is missing one, you can even download back issues and print them.


All members and regular attenders of the Monthly Meetings of CYM are entitled to receive a copy of The Canadian Friend. Donations to defray costs of producing the magazine are gratefully welcomed.

The annual individual subscription rate for Canada is $20, $30 for US addresses, and for all other countries $40.

To be added to the subscription list of The Canadian Friend, contact the ">CYM Office.


The Canadian Friend also accepts advertising! For rates and details, contact the editor (, again). Please note that and the committees and bodies of Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) do not pay for advertising in black and white.

Welcome to CYM 2019! Info for attenders

For those attending Canadian Yearly Meeting 2019, please go to the CYM in Session 2019 page for the most detailed and up-to-date info. That’s where you can find an updated schedule with room locations, business agendas, documents in advance, etc. The page will keep getting updated all week with relevant info.

Friends who would like to follow CYM remotely are also welcome to visit that same CYM in Session 2019 page. There is also a blog page of Stories & Reflections from CYM 2019, covering all sorts of interesting facets of the gathering.

Please note that you will need to login to the business side of our site to access this page. Going to the page will automatically prompt you to login if you aren’t already, and to create an account if you don’t have one. If you’re having a hard time logging in or creating an account, contact our web editor at .