Yearly Meeting Round-up

Those who came to Canadian Yearly Meeting 2018 in Barrie had a enriching and fun time. Please take a minute to fill out the Yearly Meeting Participant Survey if you came, so that we can continue to grow and improve this yearly gathering for Canadian Quakers.

The Clerks and Minute Review Committee are finalizing the Minutes and summarizing Epistle from Yearly Meeting, and they should be available by mid-September.

Quakers, Online Surveillance, & Digital Accessibility

Quakers are understandably concerned about online surveillance, but also want to make our digital communication systems as accessible and easy to use as possible.

There’s some tension between these values. How can we strike the best balance?

To follow up on a Special Interest Group (AKA workshop) at this year’s Yearly Meeting on concerns about online surveillance, Publications and Communications Committee would like to re-present its survey on “Accessible, User-Friendly, and Secure Online Spaces.”

When should I speak in Meeting for Worship?

The Ottawa Monthly Meeting Ministry and Counsel developed a brochure with guidelines for discerning vocal ministry, adapted with permission from guidelines written by Margaret Slavin following her travel in ministry. We have this brochure on the center table during Sunday Meeting for Worship, and also at the door for newcomers. We hope other Meetings, Worship Groups, Friends, and friends will find it useful.

Guidelines for Discerning Vocal Ministry – PDF