Friends United Meeting: Stoking the Fire 2017

Stoking the Fire 2017 – Early Bird pricing ends on March 31st.

Are you spiritually aflame, or a banked coal ready to be stirred into life? Join Friends as we stoke our spiritual fires and stretch ourselves through communal worship, learning, and fellowship. Together we will open ourselves to Christ’s presence and power and allow the Spirit to work within us.

Stoking the Fire is FUM’s program for spiritual revival among North American Friends. This year’s theme is “Claiming Spiritual Power for Transformative Action”. The plenary leader will be Jan Wood, of Northwest Yearly Meeting. The dates are July 9–12, 2017, in Wichita, KS (immediately preceding the FUM Triennial).

For more information, and to register, click here:

Eden Grace and Kim Schull

Friends United Meeting



Western Half-Yearly Meeting: May 19-22, Sorrento, BC

The 2017 spring gathering of Western Half-Yearly Meeting will be held at Sorrento Centre in Sorrento, BC, from May 19-22. While the main gathering begins in the late afternoon on Friday, many Friends choose to arrive on Thursday evening to take advantage of the opportunity for some informal retreat time during the day on Friday. This year, as our Saturday evening event, WHYM will host the Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture with Steve Fick of Ottawa MM! See the description below. Because of this, we expect we’ll see a few Friends who have never attended Western Half Yearly Meeting before, as well as a few who’ve been away. We’re delighted to welcome you all.


Falling into Grace – 2017 Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture by Steve Fick

Death will inevitably make us an offer that we cannot refuse—to surrender into the vastness of a power that is beyond our ability to comprehend. In the meantime, our daily life offers us ongoing opportunities to begin that process of surrender – to “die before we die,” and in so doing, to awaken to a deeper aliveness–a “falling into grace” that turns our mortality into a spiritual companion.

Our Quaker ancestors considered death to be a spiritual event that involved the whole community. When we hide death away, or treat it primarily as a medical event to be managed by professionals, we discourage the dying from doing the profound soul work they need to do as they prepare to enter into this great mystery. As well, the living are robbed of what the dying process might teach them.


There will also be worship, balancing, special interest groups, Meeting for Worship for Business, plenty of time for fellowship, swimming in the lake (it’s cold!), walks in the woods, and all of the cherished traditions of Friends’ gatherings.

Click on the link below for registration information and forms. Note that registrations should be submitted by May 5th.

In the immortal words of Dennis the Menace, sometimes we forget that we’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what we’re talking about. Please be sure to reach out if you have questions about anything!

Contact the clerk, Stephanie Deakin, if you’d like to lead an event or activity during the day on Friday, a Special Interest Group, or with your questions.

WHYM is an intergeneration event with something for everyone. You are welcome here. I look forward to seeing you all in May!


In Friendship,

Stephanie Deakin Ricketts

WHYM Clerk

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Representative Meeting – June 28-30

Mark your calendars!  Representative Meeting will take place in Toronto at Friends House from June 28-30.  Correspondence has already been sent to all Committee Clerks and Monthly Meeting Clerks with respect to submitting Committee Reports, State of Society Reports, MM statistics and agenda items.  All reports must be submitted by April 30 to .  If you would like a copy of the correspondence, please let us know.  The Draft Agenda and Reports will be available on the Business side of this site once they are received under Documents/RM Docs.

Hot Off the Press: The Canadian Friend Winter 2017 Edition

We are happy to announce the Winter 2017 edition of The Canadian Friend.

In this latest magazine you’ll find reflections on vocal ministry, and news, creative writing and reflections from Quakers across Canada.

Click here to read the online version of The Canadian Friend (pdf).

Printed copies are currently being mailed and will be arriving soon.

Welcoming our New Editor: Reykia Fick

Photo of young woman smiling at camera

Reykia Fick, new editor for The Canadian Friend and

Publications and Communications Committee is delighted to announce that Reykia Fick has accepted the contract to edit and The Canadian Friend.  Reykia brings extensive experience writing and editing for digital and print media, including in her current role with Greenpeace Canada and for Fairtrade International.  She has also served Quaker communities in a variety of roles, including with Canadian Friends Service Committee.  She lives in Ottawa and is a member of Ottawa Monthly Meeting.

We look forward to working with Reykia to develop our electronic and print publications in their continuing evolution.

Look out for upcoming announcements as we finalize a schedule for The Canadian Friend and updated guidelines for the website. In the meantime, if you have comments or questions about the website or The Canadian Friend, please contact .

Chris Hitchcock, Clerk, Publications and Communications Committee

Posted March 10, 2017.
Contact information updated June 11, 2017.