CYM Community Celebration

On Saturday evening, August 9th , everyone at CYM will come together to be welcomed, to be seen, and see who is here from where. We also will “make a joyful noise” together! To include our F/friends who are not present and to learn more about one another we will watch a PowerPoint presentation showing all of the Monthly Meetings in CYM  where they, including all of the Worship Groups, hold Meeting for Worship plus selected photos of meeting life from all across Canada. ‘First-timers’ — young AND old — will receive a special welcome. Quaker music talents will shine. Group fun will help Friends of all ages connect or reconnect with people in their own Meetings and from across the country.

We cannot do this without your help


Only YOU, as Meetings and Worship Groups across Canada can provide the photos needed to make this vision work!
Caroline Balderston Parry is coordinating this Saturday night gathering at CYM, as a visual and musical “Community Celebration.”    Please send her:
1. A clear photo of the place that your MM, and any additional Worship Groups, currently meet.
2. A few pictures of life at your Meeting — new members or babies, a special event, marriage or wonderful gathering.
3. Offers to play music or lead a song or group game (short and snappy).
4. “Other news” that your MM would like to share…
While, due to time constraints, we may not be able to use everything on Saturday night, we will be VERY pleased to have your offers and look forward to finding other times and places to share them.
Please send digital photos and ensure that folks in them have given their permission for public display and use, including on our website. No identifying names will be attached.

Caroline Balderston Parry: 

“The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism” Revisited

“The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism” Revisited From Kenneth Boulding to John Bellers

by Keith Helmuth

Based on presentations made for the Quaker Studies Programme, Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 2009

Download PDF.

Quaker Study at CYM: Mark A Burch….

Come All Ye Who are Heavily Cumbered: Simplicity as the Radical Path to Peace, Justice, Community and Care of the Earth.

The testimony to simplicity was one of the foundations of early Quaker praxis. Today, popular culture portrays simple living as quaint, utopian, nostalgic, eccentric, marginal, or naive. Contemporary Friends cannot help but be influenced by these stereotypes. But such portrayals tell us as much about consumer culture’s discomfort with radical critiques of its values as it does about simple living itself. The voluntary cultivation of a simple way of life is one of the most powerful skillful means for uprooting all occasions for war. Simplicity invites us back into communities of equality, sharing, humility and love. Our sessions will open the treasures of simplicity, rooted in our biblical heritage, nourished from the inner springs of worship, that blossom in a radical, lived testimony to care for the Earth and care for each other that is very much needed today.