Wishing a happy holiday season to all

Quaker.ca thanks you for your attention and participation in our renewal. In 2014, we will be seeking a part-time Web Editor. Polish up your resume, and enjoy your holidays.

Canadian Yearly Meeting Annual Appeal

Year-round, we bring you resources about Quakers and our faith, a central place to meet with like-minded folks, representation in worldwide spiritual activities……..we ask your assistance with a donation before December 31.

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2013 Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture at Canadian Yearly Meeting

Watch Caroline Balderston Parry’s inspiring talk from the 2013 Yearly Meeting. This Sunderland P. Gardner lecture is titled  ‘The I Don’t Know Place’.  You can view it here. When the new page opens, click on the plus by “Audio and Video”.

Friend Ed Abbott

Fred AbbottCanadian Quakers celebrate the life of Friend Ed Abbott, and the many gifts he has given us and so many others. We hold Vivien and their family in the Light’

Western Half-Yearly Fall Meeting

Register for Western Half-Yearly Meeting, Thanksgiving Weekend, Saskatchewan.