Calling all enviro-minded artists!

Email from Gianne at CFSC:

Hi Young Friends!

Would any of you be interested in getting a drawing/ cartoon published in Quaker Concern? (That’s Canadian Friends Service Committee’s print newsletter)

We want to draw Friends’ attention to the situation of Genetically Modified Crops causing the evolution of super-weeds. What a great opportunity for a cartoon/ drawing!

One of our members has written an article about this, but it will be much more attractive with an illustration. She found a cartoon about it on the internet, but I can’t read the signature on it, and the editor of the site where she found it has not replied to my messages. So, I thought maybe i could find someone to make an original drawing.

I need the drawing by a week from today, that is, I need it by Jan 13, 2012. Contact Gianne if you’re interested and she can send you the article and cartoon for inspiration!


CLOSED: Job Opportunity: Seeking a Food Coop Co-Coordinator for CYM 2012

Thursday, August 9 to Saturday August 18, 2012 at Augustana University in Camrose, Alberta.

Would you like a way to take part in Yearly Meeting with work that places you at the heart (well, stomach anyway) of the community, while earning a little money to help subsidize your attendance?

The CYM Food Coop is looking for a second Coordinator, to share the workload with an already-experienced Coordinator.  Food Coop Coordinators collaborate with the Local Arrangements Committee to purchase food supplies, making use of available menus, recipes and shopping lists.  They manage food storage and use, direct volunteers to facilitate food preparation and clean-up, and ensure safe food-handling practices.

The Coordinators have available a Coordinator’s Manualcontaining menus, recipes and procedures for guidance; they are supported by the Food Coop Organizer of Programme Committee, the Local Arrangement Committee, and a host of volunteers for site set-up and maintenance, financial control, food shopping, preparation and clean up.

If you love good food and community, are physically active enough to spend hours on your feet and lift the occasional heavy pot, have good communication and organization skills and the ability to be calm and of good cheer when the spices are frying in oil, the beans are about to overflow, and six people want to ask you questions all at once, this is a most rewarding way to experience Yearly Meeting!

An honorarium of $400 is available to each Co-coordinator.

If you are interested, please contact the Food Coop Organizer, Nathalie Brunet, at .