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Looking for something to do this summer?!

CFSC Young Friend Summer Internship –

Application package online now! November 30, 2012

Canadian Friends Service Committee offers a four-month summer internship (1 May – 31 August) for young people aged 19 – 29 years. Affiliation with the Religious Society of Friends is preferred but not required. Interns undertake a wide range of activities to give a sense of the breadth of work under CFSC’s care and to strengthen their experience and skills for working in a charitable organization. Directed studies in Quakerism is also an option for those who are interested.

Read about how the internship has proven beneficial to former interns in the 2013 internship flyer.

Download the 2013 Internship Package. Application deadline: February 15th, 2013.

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Call for Submissions: Write about Camp NeeKauNis for the Canadian Friend

The Canadian Friend is the magazine of Canadian Yearly Meeting, and is sent to all members of Canadian Yearly Meeting and to regular attenders, and is funded through donations of the membership to further the work and witness of the Religious Society of Friends in Canada.The Canadian Friend features short, non-fiction prose, photos, poetry, book reviews and visual art by Canadian Quakers.

This is a call for submissions to the March 2013 special issue of The Canadian Friend on the theme of Camp NeeKauNis. As Canada’s only Quaker Camp, NeeKauNis’ goals are “to bring people together to build an intentional community through work and play in a safe, inclusive, natural environment… and to nurture the spiritual lives in our community through Quaker Testimonies including integrity, peace, simplicity, equality, justice, and unity with creation”.

We are asking for stories, memories, thoughts, musings, experiences, photos, drawing, or anything you are moved to write about, or share about Camp NeeKauNis. The creative work included will focus on the role of Camp NeeKauNis in the lives of many people near and far. This is a great way to share about Camp NeeKauNis with Canadian Friends and attenders who might not be familiar with camp.

An editorial board will be made up of the Camp NeeKauNis Publicity sub-committee.Selected items will be put into the Canadian Friend special Camp NeeKauNis edition for March 2013. Submissions should be the author’s original work and previously unpublished.

Who can submit? Any Canadian Friend, attender, or any camper or staff of NeeKauNis (past or present)

What is the length of submission? Submissions should not exceed 1000 words.

Submission Date: January 4th, 2013

Contact information:, or, speak to Rebecca Ivanoff or Grayden Laing

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CYM Radicalizing Spirit: The Challenge of Contemporary Quakerism – Links to audio

Below are the links to the audio from Jeff Dudiak’s Quaker Bible Study from Canadian Yearly Meeting annual gathering in 2012.

George Fox and other early Friends “opened up” the Christianity of their day in an ambiguous way. Was their revelation a renewal of something old or the introduction of something new, a deepening or a departing? The tensions among our current, diverse “branches” of Friends hang, to some large degree, on which interpretation we prefer. But is this a forced, and false, choice? These studies are an attempt to trace out a dynamic that runs through the Bible to earlier Friends and into our own times that, far from trying to resolve this tension, requires it as essential to the “radicalizing spirit” that is Quakerism at its best.

Here are the five lectures. Click to play, or right-click and save file as… to save to your computer.

MP3 files
Monday audio file

Tuesday audio file

Wednesday audio file

Thursday audio file

Friday audio file

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CYM 2012 – Camrose, AB – Sunday Morning

I notice that, as I write about Sunday at CYM this year, it is already Tuesday morning.  As can be common at CYM, reconnecting with f/Friends, events, new reasons to meet for conversation begin to fill the time available, and I’m reminded of the caution that we don’t have to do everything while we’re here, that choices for self-care will be important.  I’m grateful that I rose early this morning and have some quiet time to write – we were warned yesterday that the water in the residence building will be shut off from 7:00 – 8:00 am, so an early shower seemed advisable.

Sunday morning, I was blessed to be able to be with those who are at CYM in session for the first time.  I felt grateful too, for those seasoned Friends who showed up to sit with us.  More hearts and minds to answer questions…more faces to be familiar, more Friends to connect with during the rest of the week.  In addition to answering ‘burning questions’ that first-timers offered, we spent some time untangling the sometimes confusing web that is CYM.  It was the first chance I had to try out a ‘big picture’ I’ve been working with.  (You can check it out here for yourself)

Later that morning, when we all gathered for the first time in Worship, and I settled in, calling up images of those Friends who are not here this year, I was aware again of the capacity we now have to share this week with Friends across Canada through the ‘interwebs’.  I’m looking forward to the quiet times when I’ll be able to do this with words, photos, and perhaps video, and in offering Friends elsewhere this glimpse, I feel closer to them…to you.

During Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business when, as is our custom through Quaker history, we heard of births, marriages, deaths, new members, – I noticed how long was the list of those who had died and was again aware that our numbers are not growing and that we are an aging community.  I trust that the energy of the young adult Friends and young Friends who are here this week will nudge, prod and encourage us all , as we experience again that intense week that is CYM in session – so many possibilities for Spirit to move among us.

You can find some of Bruce Dienes’ first photos of the week here.

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Pelham and Yonge St. Half Yearly Meeting – Spring 2012 – Neekaunis – Some Queries

Friends were invited to respond, over the weekend, to some queries posted in the dining room.  Here are the responses:

1.  How would you describe your Quaker Community?

  • International
  • Nurturing
  • A safe place to practice being who I want to be
  • Inspiring
  • Challenging
  • Rejuvenating
  • Stimulating
  • Sometimes frustrating
  • Wide-spread
  • Beloved
  • Deeply connected
  • Small
  • Rewarding
  • My spiritual home

2.  How do you experience the responsibilities of Membership?

  • Affirming, exciting, satisfying to be of service, to build together
  • Learning to withhold judgement and comment
  • Feeling that I am contributing
  • An active community
  • 20 hour work weeks

3.  What does it mean to you to belong?

  • Being fully human
  • Hard work
  • Joyous
  • Engenders gratitude
  • Having meaningful relationships with others in the group
  • not being alone

4.  What’s it like to be part of this combined Half Yearly Meeting?

  • Delightful
  • Thrilling
  • Exciting
  • Fun
  • Renews connections
  • Happy to see so many F/friends I love
  • Loud, but wonderful
  • I love seeing all ya and heck PHY can sing!!!
  • Absolutely topping!  Let’s do it again!  And again!…

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