The Canadian Friend, 2013 Issue #2

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Inter-Faith / Multi-Faith

1 Sacred UniverseRoger Davies
2 EditorialSherryll-Jeanne Harris
4 Open Letter to FriendsMargaret Slavin
5 Sunderland P. Gardner LecturerCaroline Balderston Parry
5 CYM Bible StudyBen Pink Dandelion
6 The Flowers and the Bees…Keith R. Maddock
7 Around the Family
8 I was a Teenage FundamentalistCatherine Novak
10 InsightBruce Sanguin
12 Multifaith Unity and the Great StoryGerald Harris
12 In the Beginning…Mark Jokinen
15 ReportSybil Grace
16 Book ReviewEric Schiller
17 QBS
18 Interview with Charles TaylorDavid Summerhays
20 In Faith, Between Many Faiths?Ellen Pye
22 The Ecumenical ChallengeJohn Myhill
23 Report: Unity and Diversity…
24 A True Christian Divinity…William H. Mueller
25 Are Quakers Christian?Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
26 Notice Board
28 2012 Youth Challenge!
29 Yonge Street Half Yearly MeetingJean Claridge
30 Report on New Meetings ProjectMarilyn Manzer and Stephanie Deakin
31 WHYM 2012 Report
31 Last WordsDaphne Davey

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