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Online Course, “Introduction to Quakers and Friends’ Ways”

Canadian Yearly Meeting Education & Outreach Committee

Announces its Online Courses for Spring 2017

“Introduction to Quakers and Friends’ Ways”

Facilitator: David Summerhays (Montreal Monthly Meeting)

Friends across Canada are invited to participate in an online course that will begin in mid-May.

Introduction to Quakers and Friends’ Ways — This course will address the early history of Friends, the history of Friends in Canada, the experiential nature of Quaker faith, the role of the Meeting in Quaker life, Quaker testimonies and their origin, and how our Quaker community nurtures how we live, work, worship, and transact business. This course was previously offered in 2012, 2015 and 2016.

Although created to meet the needs of more recent attenders seeking to learn more about Quakerism, we believe that even longstanding members could benefit from this course. We welcome inquiries from anyone who would like to learn more about Quaker ways, with priority given to Canadian Yearly Meeting Members and Attenders.

How it will work

Participants will meet once a week for six weeks using either video conferencing or audio conferencing technology. If you are unfamiliar with conferencing technology, don’t worry, the facilitator and the Education and Outreach Committee are committed to making participation in the course as easy as possible for everyone.

Participants will be asked to do a short reading before each of the sessions. These readings can be viewed anytime through a link under Introduction to Quaker and Friends’ Ways on the CYM web site:

The course will include worship, active exercises, reflections from readings, and the application to one’s own life of what is learned.

How to Sign Up

The course is free of charge. To indicate your interest, please register by Friday May 12 at

We plan to begin the course the week of May 15 at a time that will be determined based on the results of poll to be completed with registration.


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Young (Adult) Friends Gathering at Camp NeeKauNis

Preparations are underway for the Young (Adult) Friend Gathering at Camp NeeKauNis from Thursday, June 29 to Sunday July 2, 2017.

We’re excited to bring a critical mass of Young Friends and Young Adult Friends together to energize and strengthen our community and rejoice in our time together in worship, play, and good conversation. We hope to rejuvenate the Canadian Young Friends community and discern our collective path forward, asking what we want to be doing and what makes sense for us.

The gathering will welcome Young Friends and Young Adult Friends ages 13-35. Children of attendees are also welcome!

Please share this poster and spread the word. We hope as many youth as possible can attend!

For more details please contact or visit our Facebook page.

Thank you,

Young (Adult) Friend Gathering Planning Committee

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Western Half-Yearly Meeting: May 19-22, Sorrento, BC

The 2017 spring gathering of Western Half-Yearly Meeting will be held at Sorrento Centre in Sorrento, BC, from May 19-22. While the main gathering begins in the late afternoon on Friday, many Friends choose to arrive on Thursday evening to take advantage of the opportunity for some informal retreat time during the day on Friday. This year, as our Saturday evening event, WHYM will host the Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture with Steve Fick of Ottawa MM! See the description below. Because of this, we expect we’ll see a few Friends who have never attended Western Half Yearly Meeting before, as well as a few who’ve been away. We’re delighted to welcome you all.


Falling into Grace – 2017 Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture by Steve Fick

Death will inevitably make us an offer that we cannot refuse—to surrender into the vastness of a power that is beyond our ability to comprehend. In the meantime, our daily life offers us ongoing opportunities to begin that process of surrender – to “die before we die,” and in so doing, to awaken to a deeper aliveness–a “falling into grace” that turns our mortality into a spiritual companion.

Our Quaker ancestors considered death to be a spiritual event that involved the whole community. When we hide death away, or treat it primarily as a medical event to be managed by professionals, we discourage the dying from doing the profound soul work they need to do as they prepare to enter into this great mystery. As well, the living are robbed of what the dying process might teach them.


There will also be worship, balancing, special interest groups, Meeting for Worship for Business, plenty of time for fellowship, swimming in the lake (it’s cold!), walks in the woods, and all of the cherished traditions of Friends’ gatherings.

Click on the link below for registration information and forms. Note that registrations should be submitted by May 5th.

In the immortal words of Dennis the Menace, sometimes we forget that we’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what we’re talking about. Please be sure to reach out if you have questions about anything!

Contact the clerk, Stephanie Deakin, if you’d like to lead an event or activity during the day on Friday, a Special Interest Group, or with your questions.

WHYM is an intergeneration event with something for everyone. You are welcome here. I look forward to seeing you all in May!


In Friendship,

Stephanie Deakin Ricketts

WHYM Clerk

Registration Information / Registration Form



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Representative Meeting – June 28-30

Mark your calendars!  Representative Meeting will take place in Toronto at Friends House from June 28-30.  Correspondence has already been sent to all Committee Clerks and Monthly Meeting Clerks with respect to submitting Committee Reports, State of Society Reports, MM statistics and agenda items.  All reports must be submitted by April 30 to  If you would like a copy of the correspondence, please let us know.  The Draft Agenda and Reports will be available on the Business side of this site once they are received under Documents/RM Docs.

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